Ocranyame Ventures

Ocranyame Ventures is a Multifaceted Business established in the year 2013,with several core Brands:
We are the sole Manufacturers of Shoes and Leather Products suitable for African climate. Ocranyame is also into the Agro-Business distributing
agricultural inputs such as Cucumber,Cabbage,Carrots,Squash.......etc with acting headquarters located in Tema, Ghana .
Through our extensive network,Ocranyame Ventures creates value and manages risk for our customers from processing, marketing and distribution.

The variety of our services and staff allows us to deliver quality service on a large client base.
Ocranyame Ventures belief in 3cs of customer satisfaction which include;
1. Customer-journey consistency :work to provide customers with superior service.
2. Emotional consistency: positive customer-experience emotions encompassed in a feeling of trust were the biggest drivers of satisfaction and loyalty.
3. Communication consistency: which requires proactively shaping communications and key messages that consistently highlight delivery as well as themes.

List of Product Lines--->
Leather Works : Paper Bags : Embroidery / Call Cards / Mugs Printing / Invitation Cards
Agric Business
Foundation : (Social Responsibility)

Isaac Kofi Aduagyire Ocran


"Ocranyame Venture has been our fashion hub for some years now.
Unlike others they try to distinguish themselves by providing professional
and expedite services. We are glad becoming a partnering with them. "


"I love Ocranyame Venture.Quality Products are their Hallmark"


"I love Ocranyame Venture."

Sampson Ocran

"I can't stop using Ocranyame Products"

Angel Grace

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